Elder Mediation

elder-mediation-300Mediation helps avoid litigation and simplifies disputes between concerned parties. Attorney Nesson has practiced and taught conflict resolution techniques as a means to reach agreements with concrete results. Additionally, Attorney Nesson is trained in elder law which allows him to better facilitate mediation with the rights and concerns of seniors in mind.  

The mediation process is voluntary, confidential, quick and inexpensive. Elder mediation might be used to:


A. help a parent decides how to leave their property to their children.
B. help children who jointly own property with their parents.
C. help families decide how to manage the care-giving of a parent.
D. help families who are arguing over a will or trust to resolve the legal issues.
E. help resolve issues with nursing homes.
F. help parties decide about issues regarding Medicaid.
G. help parties decide about  their rights and legal options.