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The Law now is that any driver with a second or subsequent OUI or DWI who is eligible for a hardship license for license reinstatement will need to have an Ignition Interlock Devise attached to any vehicle that the driver owns leases or operates; and that includes an employer’s vehicle, and the driver has to pay for the expense.


A driver with a hardship license has to use the devise for the entire time they have the hardship license, and for 2 years after the license has been reinstated.  If the driver has two or more OUI offenses and is eligible for license reinstatement, the Interlock Devise will be required for 2 years. This is mandatory even if the devise is used for the hardship license; and it is a mandatory condition of the issuance of the hardship license or license reinstatement; meaning that there is no discretion regarding that, and once the Ignition Devise is installed, the drivers are required to pass a breath test before starting the vehicle and any blood alcohol reading greater than .02 will prevent the vehicle from starting.


Every 30 days the driver needs to return to the vendor, who will upload and transfer the data from the devise to the RMV.  If you don’t comply with that requirement, it has a license revocation from 10 years to life.  You can get information at any RMV branch and/or on line at


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