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In your Will you need to appoint someone who is going to carry out your wishes and that person is know as an Executor.  Some of the duties that person has to do after your death is that they collect your assets, pay your debt and expenses and then after that they will divide the remaining estates to the beneficiaries that you have listed.


It is important that your Executor be someone that is organized and understands numbers. If they understand financial matters and understands your family situation, that can provide a lot.  A lot of the time a family member or a friend is the person that is the Executor, but you can choose other people including banks can serve as an Executor or someone professionally.  You also have to realize that who you choose to be the Executor may refuse to do so.


You may also want to determine factors about the ease of someone being the Executor for example, whether they are near by or whether it would be difficult for them to carry out the duties, if they are not able to drive or to drive long distances. 


You want to factor in the qualifications along with the trust factor and the convenience or ease for them to be able to do so.

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