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In choosing a lawyer is not as simple as choosing a landscaper or a carpenter. There are a lot of different variables about what or who is the best lawyer for you.  There are a lot of considerations that you have to look at. Some of that might be more obvious, such as the lawyers experience, education, and training, but there are also a lot of other things that you have to look at.  One of the things is that lawyers are all different and there is not necessarily a right or wrong approach to how a lawyer should work with you, but you would want to look at the benefits of one lawyer vs. another. 


What you want to do is see who you feel the most comfortable with and what type of feelings you have with the attorney.  Reputation certainly matters and is something that should be looked at, but lawyer A might be great to work with and might not be great to work with somebody else because of how they want to proceed.  You want to look at how comfortable you are with regard to the actual conversations you are having with the lawyer. 

Do you feel like you can understand what the lawyer is telling you? Do you think the lawyer is listening to you? Is the lawyer using Legalese or speaking more irrelevant to you? Has the lawyer expressed concerns about what is going on and what needs to be done? You want to just make sure you are able to communicate enough with the lawyer, where the lawyer can do a good job for you.


In terms of the cost of the lawyer, you don’t necessarily want to go automatically for the cheapest or the most expensive lawyer. You want to look what that lawyer is going to be giving you for their price. Most of the time that the lawyer charges an hourly rate and does not necessarily have a high correlation to how good they are as a lawyer.  One of the other things is how new they are to the area that you are looking to hire a lawyer for. Other things you can do is ask other people who have used that lawyer or different professionals that might know the lawyers reputation.

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