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It is not very difficult to provide the lawyer information necessary to do a Will or a Last Will and Testament.  A lot of people put off making a Will, even though it provides a peace of mind because they think it is going to be complicated or difficult, but really they are just a handful of things you need to keep in mind when writing your Will.


You have to choose your Beneficiary; and that means who you want to designate to receive your property.  This can normally include your spouse, children, relatives, friend and you can choose to have a charity be the beneficiary.


A second thing you have to do is appoint an Executor, and that is an important piece; because the Executor is the person who is carrying out your wishes and dealing with your legal and financial matters of the Estate.


It is good to pick someone who is organized and these might be more relevant than just someone who is close to you. 


If you have minor children, you would pick a Guardian in your Will to be the Guardian for your children. 


You need to sign the Will with witnesses and if you change your Will, you can either do an updated Will or a new Will or simply do a Codicil.

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