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There can be limitations set for the Guardianship; including, issues such as care for self where they can put in the guardianship that the person still retains the right to be responsible for bathing, dressing, dental care and things of that nature, and they still retain the right to choose and determine daily meals, communicate about healthcare, long term facilities, home health providers, determine their residence, maintaining cleaning their home, being left alone, retain a drivers license, use public transportation, right to travel, determine who to have friendships and visitations with and participate in religious activities.  Basically, the wide variety of aspects can be put into the Guardianship that would allow more independence for the person that is the Respondent or the person that is being sought for a Guardianship.


Similar to that, there can be limitations for Conservatorship; which can include, saying that the person has a right to spend $20.00 or certain amount cash per week; to use their own checkbook; to plan a budget; to buy gifts or donations; to use credit; enter into contract and/or manage properties and investments.  So again, there can be ways that can allow the person that is having Conservatorship brought about them; still having more independence then a typical Conservatorship.

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