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As many people are aware the Dookhan Lab scandal had the laboratory that tested for drugs and had the certificates and evidence at criminal cases has had nearly 200 inmates right now that have been released or have their cases put on hold with countless others having that as well.  There are implications not only for the criminal cases, but also for family law cases. 


I have an ongoing case where I am representing the mother in a termination of parental rights case; where her conviction and her unavailability on her DCF cases due in large part to allegations of tainted evidence in the lab scandal.  The impact on people in the legal system is fairly dramatic and some people say that there can be over 10,000 people that were directly affected by the drug lab scandal; and that it can take well over $300 Million Dollars to fix.  It is important if you know anyone that has a drug conviction that they should see whether or not the Massachusetts drug lab testing had any implications with the chemist at Dookhan Lab.

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