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This continues to have a dramatic impact in the criminal justice system and cases that have collateral consequences is recently as October 18, 2013. There has been an article showing that the Attorney General, Martha Coakley is requesting that Annie Dookhan serve up to 7 years in jail in state prison, if she pleads guilty.  That they’re showing that Annie Dookhan, the chemist, is saying that there is no regard to whether the samples would test positive or not for substances; and her actions may have tainted theoretically more than 40,000 cases.  Since last year, the Department of Corrections has released more than 300 men and woman that served sentences for drug convictions and thatwere involved with the Dookhan case; this does not include the people that were released by the House of Corrections.


More than 600 Dookhan Defendants had convictions against them erased, set aside or released on bail pending the new trials. This has occurred at the Jamaica Plain Drug Lab at the Department of Health during 2003 – 2012. 


There also can be collateral consequences with the convictions related to custody of children; immigration; and driver’s licenses.  If people feel that they or someone they know has been affected by Annie Dookhan, they should contact either myself or another attorney.

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