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Generally, a social worker will come to your home is the first step, if it is a non-emergency situation.  You are entitled to have an attorney present or someone else with you.  It is recommended that you consider having an attorney present. The social worker will discuss the allegations that had been reported and may discuss a lot of other issues and putting your life under a microscope; including, medical, emotional, mental health issues, financial difficulties, housing situation, cultural and racial background.


The social worker may want to speak to the children or other members of the family and may want to examine your home, or talk with daycare providers and other collaterals that are involved.  Any information that you give to DCF can ultimately be used against you in court, if DCF tries to seek custody through court; you don’t have an obligation to talk to the social worker and you can refuse to permit the investigation; including DCF in your home, but if DCF believes that your child is in immediate danger, they may try and get the police or going to court to help them. Before you refuse to let DCF in your home, you should seriously consider talking to an attorney.

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