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In Massachusetts there is no certification for Mediators, but Mediators are supposed to meet certain training requirements in order to have the Mediation confidential.  Some important factors to ask would be:  If the initial meetings are free, meaning no charge for the initial consultation to see whether or not you get along with the Mediator.  To be able to get upfront an idea about what the Mediators charges are; including for the Mediation session and for drafting and/or working on out of mediation aspects of it.  To find out what the Mediators background is, if they are a lawyer or a therapist and what kind of understanding do they have with the courts.  How many agreements they have written as a Mediator or as a lawyer that has been approved by the courts if they are familiar with the judges in the county? How long they have been in practice both as a Mediator and an Attorney; and with what other experience do they have?

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