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What Our Clients Say

These are testimonials of clients who have agreed to share their story of working with Alex Nesson. Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the parties involved.

Department of Children & Families (DCF)

Thanks. It was so complicated with the medical issues…your work kept [DCF from getting custody]…because of your letter Children's hospital changed their protocol. You helped so much!

Criminal Case

Thanks.  When I went by myself I was told I would have to go to jail…you saved me.


You did not back down and said exactly what I wanted… my mom and I were happy… you were able to tell the judge everything.

Will & Trust

Thank you for drafting just what I needed so quickly and cheaply…it gives me peace of mind.

Juvenile Criminal Case

Thank you for getting my son's conviction overturned.  I went to two other lawyers that said it was a waste of time… you told me the possibilities and did not guarantee anything… you listened to both of us and made a fantastic argument to the judge… now my son can be a police officer.


I appreciate how hard you worked for me…my husband said he was going to screw me but you got me what I needed.

Automobile Accident

You got me much more than I thought (maximum policy)… thank you!


You respected me and [name redacted].  The divorce was stressful but you made it easy to understand and helped us as a family and raising the kids…you were knowledgeable and much cheaper than I thought…Thanks

Modification of Custody

I am so happy to get my son to live with me… my other attorney said that as a dad I had no chance, even the judge told me not to fight for it…thank you for sticking by me.  My son is so much happier now.


You saved my job.  You prepared me for what was going to happen and I cannot believe how you made the police officer back down…I was nervous but so happy with the not guilty.


Thank you for your patience and services! You helped the household greatly. The weight of all this on our family has really worn us. Now the whole house feels lighter. Thank you for getting rid of our debt and stress.


You saved our house…thank you

Juvenile Criminal Case

Thank you for all your help and kindness. Our child had one bad day, and thanks to you it will not affect his future. He is doing well in college and has decided to major in biology. He would not have been able to be in college if you did not win his case.


Thank you for helping us get custody...we are so excited… you were the only lawyer that told us we could file the paperwork and you did a great job at the trial and allowed... to be part of our family. We cannot thank you enough.