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The Parenting App is a court approved secure app and platform for better communication between co-parents. Co-parent messages on OurFamilyWizard can never be edited, deleted, or retracted.  The most common parenting app that the courts use that is paid is the “Our Family Wizard” and there are costs associated with this, it is the most common app.  There […]

In Massachusetts there is an interesting new case about reasonable efforts in a DCF Care & Protection Case.  The name of the case is Care and Protection of Rashida it is a 2021 case.  It involves what is determined to be reasonable efforts.  Reasonable efforts are efforts made to preserve and reunify families prior to the […]

You always want to do what you can in protecting your children and you would know that better than any attorney or anybody else.  You do want to be cautious about calling DCF; particularly, if there are issues that are going on in Probate Court that have not been brought up in Probate Court.  For […]

Every case is unique, you would not want to speak to the reporter. One, the reporter remains unknown and it will be redacted in whatever records that you get and you might be confronting the wrong person who is not actually the reporter.  Second, the reporter itself is unlikely to go well and if you […]

In Massachusetts if DCF is doing an interview with you, you want to treat it like a deposition, if you have ever done one of those; or consider it in that you want to answer the question assuming you are agreeing to answer it.  You don’t necessarily expand a great deal in terms of DCF’s […]

The answer is yes.  If there is one child between 18 and 23. So this is not applicable, but let’s say there are 3 children and 2 of them are under 18, it would be about a 25% reduction under the Child Support Guidelines assuming that the child has graduated high school.  The 25% reduction […]

That is called “Split Custody” which refers to a child custody arrangement in which one parent has sole custody of one or more children while the other parent has sole custody of the remaining siblings. Split custody is rare, as it is thought that it is in the best to keep siblings together for mutual […]

As a family law attorney, I have seen all sorts of parental disagreements about their children in divorce or custody cases. Many times, there have been legal fights about their kid’s diets, video games and dating -never mind therapy, medication, and school. The Corona virus has created a lot of stress for everyone but particularly […]

In Massachusetts there used to be a lesser amount for child support if you had the children or child with you for more than a 1/3rd but less than 50% of the time, that is no longer an existence.  If you have shared physical custody, it does not have to be exactly 50/50, they would […]

Again, you are looking to see if you can impute income if you’re the person that is receiving child support.  So, again if they have a business like a cash business.   On the other hand, there are financial statements that have something called a “Schedule A” or a “Self-Employment” that talks about expenses.  You want […]