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Day in the Life of an attorney

This is the first in a series of newsletter articles and web site blogs in which I will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on my legal practice and the legal system in Massachusetts. In this article I’d like to describe my law practice during this unprecedented time. In subsequent articles I’ll focus on how the […]

As an attorney representing clients in the Brockton Courthouse, I have learned many “ins and outs” and some tips that might make things go smoother for you. The main Trial Court Department has significantly changed over the years. When I first practiced in Brockton, Juvenile court was next door to the old Brockton District Court […]

My law practice has been very busy the last few weeks.  In criminal courts, some highlights include a very serious felony charge that was dismissed based on my motion and arguments and legal memo on lack of speedy trial, I also had an A&B case dismissed, had a juvenile case with diversion prior to arraignment, […]

Last week was supposed to be easier for me due to school vacation week but it seemed that I had a busier than normal week.  Thursday was very productive day and thought it would be a good illustration of what a sole practitioner does. I got up around 5am which is normal and took my […]

I represented a lot of people going through legal troubles.  I am providing some examples of  work I did last week.  In Attleboro District Court, I had an OUI( drunk driving) case on Thursday that the Court allowed a probable cause motion to dismiss on the OUI and the Commonwealth agreed to dismiss the Oper. neglig. upon $200 […]