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Holidays have a lot of good things about them but as everyone know can be very stressful.  I am a lawyer who helps people in trouble.  One of the most troubling times for people is during and after the holiday season.  This is one of the busiest times of the year for an attorney as […]

Each week it seems like Homer has some plan to make money but ends up losing lots of money. It appears that the Simpsons would have a lot of debt with a moderate income. The families expenses would appear to be higher than the income. If the family qualifies, the family should file a chapter […]

There is a lot of information you need for filing bankruptcy.  There are some information that would be helpful to bring as we go along  but here are ten major pieces of information to bring. 1.  Social security card 2.  Photo Id-licese, passport etc. 3.  2 years of tax returns 4.  Credit counseling certificate 5.  […]