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In MA, a Cahill disposition means instead of the penalties of a second offense( with lifetime lookback) that includes a mandatory 60 days jail sentence or 14 day in patient program you may be able to negotiate probation with the 24D program( first offender’s disposition). In addition, the license suspension would allow for a hardship […]

In order to apply for a hardship license, you need to have documentation.  You must have a letter from your employer on letterhead.  This letter must explain your need for a license to get to work.  You need to bring original documents, not copies.  The letter can not be more than 30 days old.  It […]

OUI have traditionally been one of the most litigated criminal cases in MA.  There are a lot of defenses and many cases that do not look winnable can become so.  Do not automatically plead out to your case.  A few things to do are: 1.  Have your attorney file an omnibus discovery motion that includes […]

In MA it is not a crime to drink and drive.  It is a crime to operate under the influence- that is that alcohol impairs your ability to drive.  With Melanie’s law the punishment for OUI has significantly worsened.   You should never drive impaired for a variety of safety as well as legal reasons.  OUI […]