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All Temporary Orders for anti-psychotic medication for any medical treatments set to expire between March 18, 2020 and May 4, 2020 shall be administratively extended with the date of the next scheduled event for a matter in which the order was issued.  The party may file a Motion by email or fax to the appropriate […]

There are changes right now including a standing order in the Probate and Family Court that override a previous standing order which says whenever practical and possible, an approved parent education provider may facilitate a parent’s “virtual” attendance at a parent education session by videoconference. The approved parent education provider, if electing to do so, […]

Based on the COVID-19 it is likely that there will be a lot more bankruptcy filings. So, I am going to provide a series of information on my blogs and talk about some of the aspects of Bankruptcy.  Particularly Chapter 7 Bankruptcies. One part of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is determining whether you should file […]

The petition shall be emailed or faxed to the appropriate court by petitioner after the Judge review it. The Judge will make a determination by email and a fax from the parties. When there is a court investigator or a GAL that is appointed to a care and protection matter prior to March 16th the […]

The parties shall file matters in a non-emergency case by mail or email if available by dropping off the file at a designated drop box in an appropriate court location where available. I would strongly recommend if you have an attorney to discuss with your attorney. If you are representing yourself, to contact the clerk’s […]

Generally, you need to get permission to leave the state with your child if you are divorced and you either need to get permission from the other parent and/or a judge before you move away from Massachusetts.  If you are still married to the other parent and you are not divorced, have not filed a […]

My understanding is and this is not official is that a lot of the DCF offices and the screeners for the 51A’s are still accepting the screen calls.  I believe a lot of them are using google voice or something similar and working remotely. My understanding is that the Area Directors are in the DCF […]

The courts have been dramatically impacted regarding hearing, trials and other matters. They are beginning to use telephone hearings in certain circumstances and some just common-sense protocols regarding the best way to prepare for a telephone hearing.  If you do have a landline that is better than a cell phone.  It has less issues in […]

It is a very scary time. The health risks are the biggest concern but the concerns about economy are very troubling as well. There is little in the way of safety net for most people. People are worried about jobs, bills, debt and much more. You might have more money going out every month than […]

An Evidentiary Hearing is a hearing where the judge decides about one part of the case.  This can include deciding which parent would be awarded custody of the children. A trial is considered the final hearing except for an appeal where the judge decides all remaining issues and can grant the final divorce. The trial […]