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Pets and Divorce

Who Gets Fido or Kitty? I recently had a case involving a contentious dispute over the custody of a dog and a cat. After coming close to going to trial, we were finally able to resolve the matter between the two parties through negotiation.

As a pet lover with two cats and two dogs, I understand how pets become part of the family.  The law allowing pet trusts makes it easy to plan for the care of your pets if you become disabled or die.  The pet trust became a law in Massachusetts on April 7, 2011.  It allows […]

How do the courts deal with pets?  As pets become more and more parts of families lives what happens in court?  Is it the pets best interest such as children?  The answer is no.  The court generally do not like dealing with who gets “custody” of pets and looks more of it as personal property.  […]