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In guardianships of a minor there is a legal process where a child under the age of 18 is not in his/her parents care. In Massachusetts a Judge can give custody and care of that child to a guardian if a couple of things occur. 1. If the parents give permission; or the court finds […]

Where do you begin in a guardianship? You have to determine that guardianship and it is a legal process for adults who have been diagnosed with a medical condition and are unable to make or communicate effective decisions about their everyday care; health and/or safety. A Massachusetts Judge can appoint a guardian to make some […]

In Ma, to get a guardianship you need to have a medical letter ( a specific court form) showing that the elder is not competent.  Marge and Homer would need to be able to show why Abe is not competent and why they should make decisions about him.  The Simpsons would need to be able to […]