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Everyone needs to protect themselves in case of the worst.  People need a Will to not only provide instructions for financial reasons but also to nominate a guardian for minor children.  Without a will the state court chooses who will be the guardian of the children without your input.  In addition, the state has certain […]

There are a lot of factors in hiring an attorney.  You want to determine what you are looking for in an attorney.  You should ask about the lawyers experience in your field.  It is advisable to bring questions written down so that you can cover the areas that are needed.  You should make sure that […]

Appearance should not matter in life.  Appearance certainly should not matter in court in the justice system but it does.  You should dress conservatively as though going to a conservative religious service.  The goal is not to look stylish but to show respect to the court.  You do not need to buy a new suit […]