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Issuance of a hardship license is based on reasonable discretion of RMV based on the facts of the case. There must be: * No evidence of operation of vehicle since revocation * The minimum amount of time ( one year from date of revocation) has been served * Completing National safety Council within 3 years […]

If you are appointed as a trustee, it can be an honor but also has a lot of obligations. Some tips include: * Read the trust carefully * Establish a trust checking account that shall include all income and expenses. Do not commmingle trust money with your own accounts *Focus on the best interest of […]

A revocable living trust allows you to create a sperate entity that holds your assets while you are alive but also allows you more control over to who and when your assets should be distributed. It can allow greater control. You can have a trustee that controls that assets until such time as children( grandchildren […]