Based on the
COVID-19 it is likely that there will be a lot more bankruptcy filings. So, I
am going to provide a series of information on my blogs and talk about some of
the aspects of Bankruptcy.  Particularly
Chapter 7 Bankruptcies. One part of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is determining whether
you should file the bankruptcy as a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or file bankruptcy at
all.  My office does a free consultation
and given what is going on with the virus, I do the consultation now either by
phone, facetime or by Zoom. My office is still open but I am not doing in
person meetings and I am doing most things remotely from my home office which
has all the standard technologies that is needed.  With the bankruptcy I can get a lot of
information over the phone or if you have access to either a scan or fax
machine to be able to send some basic information.

With a Chapter 7
Bankruptcy is sometimes called a Simple Bankruptcy. Typically, in most
cases you do not need to go to court, you just go to a 341 meeting or a
creditors meeting. There is a process in order to file bankruptcy but it is a
straight forward process gathering some documents and having an attorney file
the bankruptcy for you.  I can explain
the process in more detail but the idea is that you look to see if you can be exempt
or keep most of your assets protected which would include potentially homes,
cars, retirement accounts, personal property and things of that nature. There
are technical requirements and different ways to go about doing that, and you
could discuss with an attorney.