There are several areas that you should look for when hiring an attorney.  Here are 4 areas to focus on.

 1. Control-make sure you know who is calling the shots.  The attorney should make sure to discuss your role as the client versus the lawyers and that you are the one ultimately in control.

2.  Cost-  You should discuss the cost up front and make sure to have a fee agreement in writing.  This includes checking to see if the initial meeting is free or not.

3.  Style- You need to determine if you like the lawyers style.  This is not outward appearance but what the lawyer style is.  This means looking to see if the lawyer appears honest or not( no jokes), whether they are a self promoter or pretending to be very aggressive to just get hired.  You want to see if there style matches what you are seeking.

4.  Expertise-  You might find a honest, strong lawyer who charges a fair price but is not experienced in your area of the law.  You generally do not want to pay for someone to learn a new area.

 Many times it makes sense to meet more than one attorney and compare the lawyers to one another.