Are Step-parents Legally Obligated to Support a Child that is not the Actual Parent of?

In Massachusetts as a general matter, the duty to support the child is the parents.  The step-parents income is not factored in when calculating the Mass child support obligations of the non-custodial (even custodial) parent.  However, there can be arguments by the attorney about why the child support guidelines should be deviated from and although rare, sometimes the overall income or assets within the family maybe considered, but again as a general rule the answer would be no.  It is not considered in the child support guidelines.

Is Child Support Taxable?

 Child support is NOT taxable to the person receiving it, called the “Recipient”. Nor is it deductible for the person paying the support.  The IRS laws may change. For example: there has been significant change regarding alimony, but currently child support it not taxable.

Can I get my Child Support Suspended if my Child is with me during Vacation for the Summer?

It is not common that there be a suspension of child support from one month or one week to the next. In Massachusetts, the child support orders are standardized, meaning that there is a set amount for each week. There are always exceptions, but very rarely would child support under the Mass Child Support Guidelines be suspended when the child is with you.  Again, it maybe something that there is a deviation from in certain circumstances, but that is extremely rare.

What Happens if you do not Pay Court Order Child Support?          

If you do not pay child support that is ordered of you, there is a substantial amount of legal problems that you may face.  You may end up having your driver’s license suspended; you may be found in contempt of court; have your wages or tax returns garnished.  In extreme examples you may be jailed until the child support is paid.