What are some Documents that Would be Useful for Either a Divorce Attorney or a Divorce Mediator?

 There are specific forms that mediators and the courts are going to require to be done that include biographical information and financial information.  You will need to have such things like names, addresses, dates of birth, date of the marriage.  You will need to talk about your employment, gross income for each spouse, the name and date of the birth of the children.  You need to have the current balance on bank accounts including checking, savings, money markets and CD’s and so forth.  You will need the current balance on the children’s accounts such as 529 plans or other accounts and current balances for any stocks or bonds, the fair market value; including the make, model and year for all vehicles and whose name the title is in.

If there are any civil law suits where the parties are the plaintiff or the defendant; list of any outstanding loans or verbal promises to repay a loan. Another important one is retirement accounts for each spouse; including 401k’s, IRA’s, pensions; statements of any other employment benefits such as stock options, cash balances, incentives and so forth.  The current market value for any real estate owned.  At times personal property depending on the value of it.  If there is a business, an appraisal of what that business is, liabilities any credit card balances, student loan balances, motor vehicle loans, mortgage and home equity loans and second loans; any lawsuits against you.

For income the court requires a copy of your W2’s or 1099 and a recent copy of a pay-stub is beneficial; copies of at least your last year’s tax returns, ideally at least 3 years tax returns; information regarding life insurance, if any.  Generally, the term life insurance whether it is term or whole life insurance; if there are any other insurance documents including health insurance, dental and vision or disability policies.  The copy of the marriage certificate from the city or town; copies of any trust documents, if any; any prenuptial agreements, if any; wills, durable power of attorneys and healthcare proxies.

In addition, you must take a parenting education class if you have already taken that, the parenting education certificate are examples are some of the information that is helpful to provide the attorney or mediator.