How Long will it Take for My Divorce in Massachusetts
become Final? 

A divorce will be final 90 days after the judge issues what
is called “Divorce Decree or Divorce Judgment”.  The Decree itself is called a “Nisi”.
There is that waiting period of time where the court will then issue a final
decree called “Decree Absolute or Final Divorce”.  This is in a contested matter.

If the parties have an uncontested divorce with a full
Separation Agreement after the judge first approves a Separation Agreement,
there is an additional thirty (30) day waiting period; so that generally means
it becomes final 120 days after the parties appear before the judge.  You actually wait until 120 days from when
the judge signs the Decree, not necessarily when the parties appear before the

The reason for the waiting period allows the parties to file
an Appeal in a contested divorce to potentially reconcile or notify the court if
they believe the other party is fraudulently hidden assets or income.

If I realize the Marriage is a Mistake, Can I get the
Marriage Annulled?

Annulment is a very difficult process to be successful with.
It is not just saying that the marriage is a mistake but that it is treated
though it never existed. When an Annulment is allowed is under very significant
circumstances; such as fraud being that the other party was married previously
or might have looked to get married solely for immigration purposes and it was
not a true marriage; undue influence or legal impediments are some potential
grounds for an Annulment. Again, just because it was a mistake or a short-term
marriage it does not mean it will be easy get the marriage annulled.