Are there Formulas or Guidelines to determine Alimony like Child Support Cases?

 The answer in Massachusetts is no.  There are not any formulas or guidelines that the courts are to use like child support matters where the Judge must make a finding plus or minus 2% points if they don’t follow the child support guidelines.

In Massachusetts there is an idea that the person that is receiving the funds might be in the maximum of 30-35% in the difference of the income between the parties. This does not necessarily apply to the reimbursement alimony. There are situations where there can be a deviation and that is usually the maximum. There are different apps or formulas that can be run to get an idea, but again these are not an exact science and is not followed like child support.

If Child Support is being paid, Will Alimony be Paid in Addition?

The Court can allow both child support and alimony depending on the circumstances of the family. In many times if child support is being ordered there would not be an order of alimony on top of the child support, but there is not a harden factual regarding that and depends on the circumstances.

Is there anything that Prevents Husbands from Seeking Alimony?

No.  There is nothing regarding gender that says just women or just men can seek alimony and the law does not say anything about men or women. There are cases where I have represented both parties including men that have received alimony.