I heard that people are not allowed to bring cell phones into court.  If my hearing is in person, am I allowed to bring my cell phone to court?  

During COVID-19 the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has allowed the parties to bring their cell phones into court with them.  You still want to be careful to make sure your phone is off and will not be a distraction for court if you do need to be there in person.

If I have a Hearing that is scheduled to take place in person, but I have COVID-19 concerns, can I request to appear virtually?

You should contact the clerk’s office to see if you can appear virtually. The court usually can upon a request authorize a party, an attorney or a witness to appear virtually even if other participants are requesting or order to appear in person.  It is important to look at the different options.  In most cases most of the time now, cases are being heard virtually, but there certainly are some in person hearings depending on the Judge, court and the type of case.   You can make a request to appear virtually if you are requesting that.