DCF has a variety of policies and procedures in something called CMR related to what they are supposed to do.  However, there can be a great difference in which office handles the case. Some offices have a different reputation on a practical level.  It can be a dramatic difference in terms of which office handles it, what unit in that office handles it.  So, again, it might be a big difference between the Taunton DCF office and even the New Bedford DCF office.  For example, the Taunton DCF office which unit is assigned the case and then who the worker is and that worker’s supervisor.  Even though there are all these policies, procedures and codes there can be a dramatic difference between the culture of the office, the culture of the unit, the individual worker and the individual worker’s supervisor. 

It is important to have an understanding of the differences with the office and the workers in terms of how you might need to present your case, present an appeal or negotiate an action plan and so forth.  Even though it is supposed to be uniformed within the state, there is a tremendous amount of discretion in each office workers and units can be much different than in another.