You always want to do what you can in protecting your children and you would know that better than any attorney or anybody else.  You do want to be cautious about calling DCF; particularly, if there are issues that are going on in Probate Court that have not been brought up in Probate Court.  For example, if you call DCF and are alleging domestic violence, but you never brought up the domestic violence in a Probate Court case that has been going on for a while, it does not mean that you can’t or you would not want to.  Again, you would want to be careful because DCF might look at that a little bit cautiously understanding that you have a Probate Court case going on.  The judge might look at it a little bit cautiously, like are you using DCF as a weapon instead of a shield. 

You always want to do what you can to protect your children and you want to speak to an attorney about it first.  At any point, if you think your children are at risk, then you need to contact DCF and you should but you want to be careful on what you call DCF about.