That would include
but not limited to:

  • physicians
  • medical
  • hospital
  • engage
    in the examination or care treatment of people;
  • medical
  • emergency
    medical technicians;
  • dentists;
  • nurses;
  • optometrists;
  • chiropractors;
  • public
    or private teachers;
  • educational
    administrators; including family and also guidance counselors;

childcare licensers including department of education and childcare,
early educators; including pre-school, childcare after school programs, staff,
people that are paid to work with kids in public or private facilities.

If a home or program
is funded or licensed by Massachusetts and which provides

child care,
residential services, social workers, foster parents, probation officers, clerk
magistrates at the District Court, parole officers, police officers, fire
fighters, school attendance officers, mental health and licensed human service
professionals, psychiatrist, phycologist, clinical social workers, drug and
alcohol counselors, people that are in charge of medical and/or other public or
private institutions such as schools or facilities and people that are agents
for them.  Clergy members including
licensed leaders or ordain leaders of church or religious bodies performing
official duties on behalf of the church or religious bodies or people that are
employed by a religious body to supervise, educate, coach, train or counsel a
child on a regular basis and a child advocate.