On the checklist regarding child support it would include:

1. The amount of child support.
2. The net of establishing the support, if you are using the child support guidelines or something else.
3. Talk about if you would be having the Department of Revenue take the child support directly out of your pay; or how the payment would occur?
4. Who would be paying for extracurricular activities, that can include camp, sports, and so forth?
5. Who is paying childcare costs?
6. When childcare ends including, what emancipation means.
7. When the payments are going to be made.
8. Future reviews or modifications.
9. What happens if other children become emancipated or independent with regards to the child support?
10. What happens when the child attends college?
11. The dependency exemption and if there are accounts or investments with the children.

Another checklist would include:

1. The education of the children; including whether it is college, elementary or secondary education.
2. What the educational expenses would be? How that would be paid for in terms of the parents, financial aid, children’s funds, work, things of that nature.
3. How the process of choosing college would take place and the financial aid application.