This can include whether there should be a waiver of future alimony or not and the amount of alimony, if any.

1. If it was determined, when and why?
2. When the payments would be made? If there would be any.
3. Would use modifications and how it is calculated.
4. Whether there is a cost of living.
5. The tax effect.
6. The effects of alimony regarding child support.

The Checklist regarding Health and Dental Insurance for the Children:

1. If there is a policy in effect, who has the obligation and how long is that for?
2. Notice if there is a change in the policies, who is responsible for paying the premiums and any co-payments.
3. Who pays for any uninsured medical and/or dental?
4. Would braces and as such be divided?
5. How the approval would be talked about first?
6. What would happen if there was no longer coverage?

Similar Checklist regarding Health and Dental Insurance for the Spouse:

1. It would include the policy in effect.
2. How long would be the obligation of the coverage and the duration, if the policies changed?
3. Who is responsible for the premiums?
4. If cobra exists, who pays for it?
5. What happens to the health and dental if either party remarries?
6. Who pays the uninsured medical and dental; or if there is a loss of coverage?