There are a lot of misconceptions about criminal records in MA.  There is for all practical purposes no expunging of records in MA.  CWOF, not guilty, dismissals and the like do continue to appear on your CORI and CARI.  There are different levels of people who can have access to your records and  who will be able to see both the adult and juvenile record.  How you resolve a case impacts issues related to employment, housing, firearms, immigration, schooling and a hots of other issues.  You need to realize this when focusing on resolving a case now.  

 There are different ways to seal your adult and juvenile records in different circumstance.  They can potentially be done through the commissioner of probation who has strict requirements to satisfy and the courts.  If considering sealing your record make sure that you get a copy of your record before seeking to have it sealed.  Some out of state employers will require to see you record if if sealed.  In addition, sealing your record can hurt in terms of immigration purposes.  However, sealing your record may significantly help with some employment, housing and other issues.  If your record is sealed most people accessing your record will see that you have no record.  You should consult an attorney before taking any of these steps.