At the 289 Rock Street in Fall River, is one of the locations of the Bristol Probate and Family Court along with the Bristol Juvenile Court. There is meter parking on the street immediately surrounding the court house along with off-street parking. There is also handicap parking in the court but beyond that, there is nothing else close to the parking garages or lots.

As a side, the meter maids are likely to ticket you if you park to close to the street from the curb so be careful of that. Public transportation you can contact SRTA at 508-999-5211 or for public transportation to the court.

You are not allowed any use of cell phones, cameras or other personal electronic devices.

For the Probate Court Registrar’s office or Clerk’s office, the phone number is (508) 672-1751; the fax is (508) 673-7068.

The Family Service or Probation Department is (508) 672-1751; and the fax is (508) 673-7068.

Both the Registry’s office and Probation Department along with the Department of Revenue are on the 3rd floor of the court. The 4th floor is where the Bristol Probate and Family court is on the right-hand side and there is a list by the two court rooms of the case caption named along with numbers.

When you arrive, you will look for the red number and when you wait in line to check in with the Judicial Case Manager, or with the Clerk make sure to have the number. In addition, if there are any financial circumstances that are being litigated, you need to have a completed financial statement. The Clerk will ask you to fill out a self-addressed envelope so that they can send any of the Judge’s decisions or paperwork to you.

In Juvenile Court the Clerk’s office the phone number is (508) 676-0090; the Juvenile Court Probation Department phone number is (508) 676-0090, press #1 to get the Juvenile Court or the Juvenile Court DA.

The main number for Probate Court you would press #3 and the Housing Court is also at the 289 Rock Street and the phone number is (508) 676-0090, #3.

The Fall River Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over the cities and towns of Fall River, Freetown, Somerset, Swansea and Westport. The Clerk and Probation offices are both on the 3rd floor and the Court is on the 4th floor. In addition, there is a Juvenile drug court.

In addition, the location of Fall River Trial Court used to the B.M.C. Durfee High School and it is directly across the street from another school. There is no restaurants that you can walk to, but driving there is a variety of different fast food and other restaurants within 5 minutes or less of a drive.

In Bristol County for the Probate Court the Registrar’s office, you can go to the to find most forms that you can print out.

In addition, where all the files are kept in the main part of the registry is at the Taunton Probate and Family Court. However, if you are able to file and to get paperwork on the 3rd floor of the Registry’s Office at the Fall River and Probate Court. The main number for Taunton is (508) 977-6040 and you can also email at

In Fall River Trial Court, you have to go through a metal detector and again you need to make sure you leave your phone in your car or not with you. There is sometimes a line with a metal detector when you go through on the 1st floor. There are restrooms on every floor; and there are both stairs that you could walk up along with two elevators as well.

Generally the offices are open from 8:30–4:30. In some of the offices, there is more limited availability of being open. Furthermore, sometimes there might be limited counter service after 4:00 pm; and a practical level sometimes between 1-2 is when the court is usually closed for lunch for the Judges in actual courtrooms and it can be more limited in terms of being able to get help with Clerk’s in some of the courts as well.

There are other courts in Fall River including, Superior Court, Bristol County Registry of Deeds. There is the Fall River District Court and they are all at separate locations.

South Eastern Housing Court: phone number is (508) 677-1505 and mailing address is the 289 Rock Street, 2nd Floor Room 212, Fall River, MA.

Clerk’s Office at the Housing Court the fax number is (508) 672-9621
Housing Specialist Department – phone number is (508) 677-1505; and fax is (508) 672-9621.

Juvenile Court and Jury Duty is at the 289 Rock Street – the phone number for the Juror line is (508) 491-2826; you can call the day before you have jury duty after 3:00 pm and you need to appear by 8:30 am.