Probate and Family Court Standing Order 1-20

District Court – []

Please look at the links for the
most up to date information. This is not official.

It is still can change but it appears in District Court that
Jury Trials that have not begun that are between March 13th and April
17th shall be continued no earlier than April 21st.

Absence in some sort of exceptional circumstances in particular
criminal matters that are scheduled between March 18th and May 1st.  If somebody is not in custody should
be continued to the first business day no less than sixty (60) days from the scheduled
event or by agreement of the parties or their respective clerk’s office but not
before May 4th.

Show Cause Hearings for Applications for Complaints filed
between March 18th and May 1st shall be scheduled to take
place on a date set by the clerk not before May 4th

The link describes continuances including for arraignments,
bench trials, default warrant removals and so forth that are provided in
greater details in the link or the press release.