When you are meeting with Probation or Family Services
which is a type of mediation.  They ask
for a “Intake Form” asking if there has ever been a restraining order in
the case and if it is currently in effect and what court it is in.  If so, in asking whether the address is
impounded or not.  They would ask things
simply like your name; date of birth; social security number; and something
that sometimes people have with them is their driver’s license number; your parent’s
names; the employers name and address; medical insurance and other sources of
income. Also, another one, is the child(ren’s) names; dates of birth and one of
the ones that many people do not have with them is their social security number
and who they live with. 

Also, if they are married; the date of marriage; the date of
the separation; the date of the divorce or the date of the adjudication and
whether the Department of Revenue is involved or not and if DCF is involved;
which office the current worker is in along with the phone number.

The Probate Court, the Probation Officer and the Family Services
Officer will also look to see with this form whether anybody in the household
has CORI; criminal record or other issues.