Kinship Care
can mean a lot of things and it can mean a different thing in Juvenile Court or
with DCF, in Probate and Family Court and informally.  Informally meaning not through the courts. It
can mean being an informal caregiver and it can also mean doing something that
is called a “Caregiver’s Affidavit”
which is a legal document but can be revoked by the parent at any point.  Giving the caregiver some legal authority; particularly
over some medical and educational piece.

Kinship Care through the Probate and Family Court can mean
temporary, emergency or permanent legal guardianship or an adoption.  

Kinship Care through the Juvenile Court or DCF can mean
kinship foster care meaning DCF has custody but places the child with a
relative and a guardianship in Juvenile Court or an adoption through the Juvenile