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           In a Chapter 7 a Bankruptcy Discharge basically releases the debtor from personal liability for a certain type of debt.  What that basically means is that the debtor is no longer required to pay any debt that is discharged.  The discharge is permanent and is prohibited to the creditors, whom taking any form of […]

Here is helpful information on our Housing Court System:   BRISTOL COUNTY HOUSING COURT               There are many different locations in the Bristol County for the Housing Court along with phone numbers and mailing addresses for non-criminal and criminal pleadings.  I have listed the information below for you to read: Housing Court DepartmentSoutheastern Division […]

            The Taunton Trial Court recently opened and it includes several different courts including, Taunton Juvenile Court, Taunton District Court, the Housing Court and a branch of the Bristol Probate and Family Court.  Here are some of the contact information:   Taunton District Court 40 Broadway Street Taunton, MA 02780   Main Telephone Number: (508) […]

The new, Massachusetts alimony law was signed by Governor Patrick on October 4, 2011 after winning approval in both the House and Senate. The changes establish guidelines for alimony payments and include limits on the duration of the payments. The new law essentially will eliminate lifetime alimony in many cases and will in part be […]

           A question I do get asked a reasonable amount of time, is can children be emancipated in Massachusetts?  What emancipation means is that the parents right to control his or her minor child or participate in that decision making and that the parents no longer have the right to determine where the child lives […]

            What is an Annulment? An Annulment undoes a marriage by treating the couple as if a marriage did not even occurred. What that means, is that the party was not legally able to enter a party because that some reason that marriage would be considered void from the very beginning.               For example, […]

              You need to get a copy of your Divorce Decree; you can do that by mail.  The fee has been $20.00 for a certified copy, plus $1.00 per page for every page except for the first.  You do need to contact the Probate Court County where the divorce was filed, so for example, it […]

            There is an explanation and it might be a little bit antiquated, but basically the final divorce does not occur on that date. If the Judge find the facts support the true breakdown of the marriage and approves that agreement; that Order would be entered right away.  Thirty (30) days after the Order is […]

            Right now it appears that the new Alimony Bill maybe passed.  It was by the House and the Senate has it next week.  Some of the potential issues are: one that long term marriages will end at retirement age is defined by the Social Security Act.  Second, maximum alimony is 50% of the number […]

            I just had recently had a Clerk Magistrate’s hearing and it would be important for both adults and students to realize the potential consequences that if you knowingly transport someone with alcohol, even if you are not drinking or under the influence or holding onto the alcohol that there is a strong likelihood that […]